A Worcester! A Worcester! - Blood for the Butcher!

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Peter Moore - Sir John Tiptoft, Head of the Household
Alex Moore - Nicholas Sharpe esquire, swordsman
Nicholas Moore - Edward Tiptoft, standard bearer and archer
Harriet Moore - archer
John Horgan - Jockey of Norfolk (Sir John Howard) captain at arms
Freddie Horgan - Sir Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey, spearman
Alice Horgan - Alis Hammel, archer
Annie Horgan - water carrier and cook
Jack Graham - cook and archer
Ben Connolly - Jenyfer, man at arms
Jackie Cooke - archer
Cory Cooke - standard bearer
Andrew Fisher - wood collector
Kindra Jones - Kitty, swordswoman
Jason Mayfield-Lewis - Zak, archer
Chris Davies - John Free, Tiptoft's friend from university, calligrapher, priest and archer
Shirley Sharpe - archer
Kieran Farrell
- Master Francis, archer and swordsman


Contact info
Peter Moore: p1415moore@hotmail.com
John Horgan: john@worcesterhousehold.co.uk