A Worcester! A Worcester! - Blood for the Butcher!

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Gallery 2

The Worcester's invade the Tower

A trip on 20th October 2007 to remember John Tiptoft's beheading on 18th October 1470 and discover his final resting place, which was in the monastery at Blackfriars, where Tiptoft had funded a chapel. All that remains of the monastery are couple of plaques and a few gravestones outside private yards, which are all built over. A rather ignominious burial place for the great man, who should rightly have been interred in the impressive tomb built for him at Ely Catherderal.

So, after the melancholy pilgrimage we visited the pub at Blackfriars, raised a glass to the noble Lord himself and marvelled at the appearance of a mysterious headless drinker!!.

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