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Edward Tiptoft - 2nd Earl of Worcester



Edward Tiptoft was John Tiptoft's only suriviving son. His mother was Elizabeth Hopton, tiptoft's third wife, and he was born on 14th July 1469.

As further endorsement of the high esteem John tiptoft held with the Yorkist monarchy, Edward IV was named as Edward's godfather.

Contrary to popular misconception, John Tiptoft was not attainted on his execution. On the death of his father, at the hands of the Lancastrians, Edward immediately became both 3rd Lord Tiptoft and 2nd Earl of Worcester. Edward possibly never even met his fmaous father.

However, Edward died without issue on 12th August 1485, just ten days before the tragic events at the battle of Bosworth ended the Yorkist dynasty permanently. He was 16 years old.

On his death the title "Earl of Worcester" became vacant and the Tiptoft Barony fell into abeyance between his aunts.

Edward is almost certainly buried in the tomb that was built for his father, but not used, in Ely Cathederal.

Little else is known of this unfortunate man, though it is intriguing to wonder at what might have been had he lived and had issue, against the backdrop of the Tudor victory at Bosworth.


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